Sunday, May 05, 2019

"The Disembodied": B-movie from the 50s hints at a tantalizing male vulnerability

I can remember being tantalized by an old black-and-white movie series on Saturday nights in 1963, and one particular title was ‘The Disembodied” (1957), from Allied Artists, by Walter Grauman.

One interesting tidbit is that the series apparently got its name from the Pittsburgh Chiller Theater were supposedly it was shown.

A photographer (Paul Burke) gets involved in a jungle accident where a man is mauled by a tiger, and the party winds up in a “resort” where “voodoo queen” Tonda (Allison Hayes) is trying to entice men into losing their sense of identity and murder her scroogy husband (John Wen graf).

The 66-minute film is considered “bad”, but I seem to remember scenes were men would approach her and become aroused or tantalized by the prospect of their own destruction and physical 
desecration, as if they could be replaced by something else and remember who they had been. There was a line “she is voodoo queen” repeated with each man. 
The cast of the people in the house was said to be “diverse”.

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