Monday, May 27, 2019

"Colonizing Space with Habitats": living in O'Neill cylinders is quite feasible,

John Michael Godier presents “Colonizing Space with Habitats” (13 minutes).

Godier examines O’Neill cylinders, the Stanford Torus, the Bishops cylinder (made from carbon nanotubes, large enough not to require a ceiling), and even the Dyson Sphere.

With the O’Neill cylinder, there is a coriolis effect, but is seems less important in practice than I would have thought.

Godier suggests that most of Earth’s people could leave to live in these “high frontiers” made from raw materials in asteroids (“strip mining”), although eliminating people (as in an earth evacuation to go to another planet). Earth could become a natural park again.
But different cylinders could become like countries with political rivalries.

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