Wednesday, April 03, 2019

"Just Role With It": When is an actor in a gay scene transformed by the experience?

Just Role With It” is an R-rated gay short film (so I won’t embed it) where an actor is practicing his lines for a play where he loses his girl friend.  Here’s the link (Helix Studios, and the video resolution quality is finally better than for some of their earlier videos).
His best male friend comes over, and suddenly really “becomes” that other character.

 Some people have really been transformed by the characters they acted, as this documentary short shows.  (No, really, please don't model your behavior after cigarette smoking in older films; O want your body to stay biologically young forever.) 

Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell did a video where he tries drag at a dance party in West Hollywood (see the LGBT blog March 31), where the challenge is not to be changed by the “acting” experience.  (Was it at The Abbey?  That's the bar I remember well.) 
What if a virus could transmit your identity and consciousness temporarily to somebody else?  The picture above poses the question (UFO's). 

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