Friday, April 26, 2019

"Is This Geometric Structure the Theory of Everything?", by Joe Scott (the Lie Group)

Joe Scott asks “Is This Geometric Structure the Theory of Everything?

OK, quantum gravity links general relativity to quantum mechanics, the large to the small.

Scott discusses a UCLA professor now in Hawaii who developed a theory of E8 Lie Groups, Octonions that when projected make a beautiful flower-like design. At all the nodes of this structure, every possible subatomic particle can be predicted, as well as its behavior.

He also explains God, of consciousness, which is necessary to perturb the smallest pixels in the structure to create a universe.

Living things come along, to oppose entropy, and look after the universe, because they can make choices.

Does a biological lineage give continuity to consciousness (vicarious immortality)?  Welcome to tribalism.  The idea of an infinite geometric structure gives the idea of immortality some meaning.

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