Thursday, April 11, 2019

"Hunter Avallon Fails to Use Facts and Logic":

Suris has short films similar to yesterday’s, where he offers commentary on another (conservative’s) presentation.
This time is “Hunter Avallon Fails to Use Facts and Logic”.  There is an alternate title that is not too complementary. See the embed (well, "Who Knew?") 

Avallon attracted attention when he his channel was banned for part of the day April 8, one day before important House hearings on Internet content moderation. This 20-minute video was made April 9.

Most of this particular video deals with a lot of the canards (choice or lifestyle, etc).  Ar 4.16 Suris does respond to the apparent argument that people have a moral obligation to have children.

Suris does a nice job of destroying the usual stereotypes of LGBT persons (although they were already going away with Stonewall).

Here is a rationalWiki biography of Hunter.

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