Monday, April 29, 2019

"How Autism Feels: From the Inside": NY Times op-docs

New York Times Op-Docs presents a short film by Joris Debeij, “How Autism Feels: From the Inside”.

This seems to be filmed in Florida. The life of Jordan Kamnitzer, who works in retail but has few social interactions, but plays jazz piano well, is shown, as he befriends a woman with more severe autism.
Although Asperger syndrome is medically part of the autism spectrum, in practice it works very differently, especially in the tech workplace. James Damore considers himself somewhat autistic or Asperger-like (Quillette story), but what is different is separating himself from more collective, tribali expectations of behavior.  People with Asperger’s often communicate very clearly on matters outside of personal relationships, and seem charismatic when on their own home turf. 

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