Saturday, April 13, 2019

"Cultural Marxism Explained" in filmstrip style

Cultural Marxism Explained”, by Dr. Jordan Cooper, from July 2018. .

The video is in the style of a grade school filmstrip.

Cooper explains the history of Marxism, and then the development of the Frankfort School and Critical Theory.

He sees cultural Marxism as the attempt to redistribute wealth or opportunity strictly along to the idea of belonging to an oppressed group.  Christianity does reinforce helping the oppressed, but on a case-by-case basis. Until Christianity, he says, here was no coherent moral theory that it was important to help the poor or oppressed.
You can pay attention to opportunities for oppression on a much more individualized level (“pay your dues”).  You could, for example, restrict the use of inherited wealth much more than we do now. “Class” and “oppressed group” are not always the same.  I faced this kind of a problem as an individual after a career-ending layoff at the end of 2001 taking my turn with more regimented, menial jobs.  That is cultural Marxism at an individual level. 

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