Tuesday, April 23, 2019

"Crypto": a recovering addict tries to save his family by investing in bitcoin (short)

Crypto” (Hollinsworth and Round Town Productions)  is an important short film by Ansel Faraj, written by Nathan Wilson, who plays the lead character Wesley, a recovering addict (in 12-step program) who considers investing in bitcoin to set up money for his son and bring his family back together.

The film actually lays out the steps of setting up the digital wallet.

But he gets hacked after putting in $60000.

The film mixed black and white and sepia color in an interesting way.

The film is a sequel to a 2013 short, “A Gambling Man”, which I’ll look at later.
There is a feature film starring Richard Harmon called “Woodland” (directed Jon Silverberg) about a journalist’s epiphany in the woods, and it had been called “Crypto”.  I wonder if that movie’s name change was because of this short film.

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