Tuesday, March 05, 2019

"Oblivious": short film shows how parents in a "good home" fail to notice a daughter lured into trafficking online

Mikey Hardesty presents “Oblivious”.

The film claims to have won Best PSA in a Colorado Film Festival for Youth. Does it really show how an upper-income privileged teen would fall for trafficking?  

A teenage girl in a nice home in Colorado still keeps connecting with johns on the Internet. When she gets to the motel, unbeknownst to her “oblivious” mother, it’s apparent she’s under a pimp’s financial control, but why?  She just needs to keep her life secret.  

With FOSTA on the books, the operator of the website the characters use and possibly their webhost would be liable for civil damages and possibly criminal prosecution. What if the website operator didn’t know?

Wikipedia attribution link, picture of San Juan desert in southern CO, CCSA 3.0.  I drove through the area in 1984.  I didn't recall that the area is a basin with no water outlet.

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