Saturday, March 23, 2019

"I Flew 10000 Miles to Meet His Parents": Not exactly in outer space, but just winter in Ontario

I Flew 10000 Miles to Meet His Parents”, a little short (10 min) by Anthony Cushion.

Actually, Anthony says he lives on the English coast, so if his husband is near Toronto, it’s more like 3500 miles. He says he flew a lot of other places.

The movie is in three parts. He arrives, he meets the dog and gets the dog’s approval. 
Then both men work out, in the middle section.

Then they go snowboarding, on a hill behind their home.  This may be somewhere around Waterloo, I suspect. It’s about 7 degrees F outside at about sunset, in February.

There’s one letdown of the whole idea of visual suspense, if you go to the Instagram linked on the video. The Before and After gives away too much.

You'd think the husband would live away from home as a young adult. But it's tough these days with the economy and low wages. 
Wikipedia attribution link for Waterloo picture by Andre Recnik,. CCSA 3.0.

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