Sunday, March 24, 2019

"Flat Earth": Logan Paul's official movie (is it the first?)

Logan Paul (who turns 24 on April 1) has released his first “official movie”, that is: “Flat Earth: To the Edge and Back”   It runs 50 minutes, almost long enough for a grindhouse feature. 

So he makes a bombastic, mega-satire of what happens when someone breaks into his palatial LA home and smashes all the globes.  He gets with some of his friends and flies to a Flat Earth convention in Denver and tries to pretend to be a “true believer” to get a girl friend.

But some of the attendees are indeed into creationism.

And somehow they manage to take a million dollar rocket ride to the edge of the Earth. It's icy. 
But Paul makes a great point: how do you know what you agree upon as unchallenged truth? 
We’re seeing all the social media unraveling today on issues like whether biological gender is real.
Paul is growing up, however.

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