Monday, March 11, 2019

"Captain Marvel" and Hollywood's blatent but necessary consumerism

OK, Tim Pool gave “Captain Marvel” 4/10 on Twitter.  Indeed it comes from Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

Brie Larson becomes the superhero;  we remember her from “Room” (Nov. 3, 2015).

Marvel Studios give a good synoptic gospel trailer  starting with an image of a defunct Blockbuster video store; later Carol Danvers questions whether her life is “real”.

I’ll skip it, but mention the controversy over the deleted Rotten Tomatoes “pre-reviews”, as Metro-UK and then Cinemablend explain things.   

The film seems to have done rather well at the box office.

But I can’t go along with the idea of seeing another comics movie that seems made just to push casting “diversity” as a new diversity Law.

“Economic Invisibility” has an interesting perspective about this film as becoming an example of “forced consumption”.  He even speculates about a future “Hollywood subsidy tax”. Well, as Nassim Nicholas Taleb pointed out (“Skin in the Game”), more of is need to return to the “real life” transaction economy rather than mull in the lucid dreams of the attention economy.

Picture: Reno, my picture, 2018/9.

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