Tuesday, March 26, 2019

"Article 13 Cometh": Sargon of Akkad revisits the world of "The Ten Commandments" and even "Avatar" to mock the EU vote on cutting off Internet content creators, gradually

This counts as a film. Sargon of Akkad has made a 13-minute documentary “Article 13 Cometh” about the EU MeP passage of the Copyright Directive. It's renumbered as Article 17 now. 

Much of the film has a static background of a scene in ancient Egypt alone the Nile with the Pharaoh responding to Joseph’s lucid dreams and making them public.  I guess that in ancient Egypt telepathy functioned as a kind of Internet, like in the movie “Avatar” for the residents of Pandora.

Sargon then shows some progressive interviews, or YouTube executives (including the original claim that YouTube would be able to allow only established companies to post), to examining the importance of preventing downstream liability from being removed.  Content creators really are better off it they are liable for what they post, rather than the platform.  That sounds like an irony.
He also shows a tape of the 16 seconds it took the MEP’s to vote and defuses the rumor that Sweden pressed the wrong button.

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