Friday, March 01, 2019

"A Good Student" but not a good teacher

Kate Saxton’s “A Good Student” popped up quickly as I searched for "short films".

Peram Hasibi plays a young (male) high school teacher taking money (actually cash in envelopes) for grades, and a (female) student decides to “end it”.  He looks like a graduate student, but dressed in coat, shirt and tie.  The film doesn't say what he teaches (maybe math?)  Maybe this is more like a community college environment.

He doesn’t ask for intimacy (which would be more predictable).  And he doesn’t expect power over students.

A relatively straightforward film, which seems to be a film school project.

I was an assistant math instructor at Kansas University in the 1960s and I gave hard tests.  At that time, I could have power over who might get drafted because of the student deferment system of the time. That could make interesting fodder for short film.

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