Friday, February 01, 2019

"Why I Left BuzzFeed": Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell puts on the gloves to make his point

Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell presents his short film “Why I Left BuzzFeed” (5 min).  He even shot this film in anamorphic 2.35:1.  Maybe it will go to virtual reality. 

Eduardo (with the world's best body) boxes with a cartoonish caricature of the BuzzFeed head (seems to be played by Michael Henry -- but Zach Graves is given by the opening credits).  The film emphasizes Ubanell’s own physicality, although I don’t think he would favor a “Fight Club” (1999) or play “Cinderella Man” (2005).

He mentions the fact that BuzzFeed was willing to replace employees with interim “fellows”.
The factual evidence of the recent BuzzFeed article implicating Trump through Michael Cohen is controversial.  Andrew Cohen discusses this at Brennacenter.

BuzzFeed, like many media outlets (even large ones) jumped quickly on the Convington story, but then presented Nick Sandmann’s side later.  Later David Brooks opined what sounds like a reasonably balanced account while showing how easily social media viral spread of anger and misleading impression may damage lives.  BuzzFeed does NOT appear to be a target of litigation according to a Cincinnati Gannett newspaper.

Tim Pool has covered the layoffs at several mid-sized media companies including BuzzFeed in January, as related to business model sustainability problems that led the companies to indulge in click-bait.

Ubanell has an earlier film on his channel in April 2018 “Top Five Things I’ve Learned Working at Buzzfeed”. It’s easy to look up on the channel.  Main advice: be quick.

Ubanell appears in another short film reviewed here Oct. 23, 2018, “Pretty Privilege”.

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