Monday, February 25, 2019

Oscars 2019 not really that controversial

OK, the Oscars, with no host, gave out more “best” awards to women and PoC than ever before.  Here is the Oscars link and watch-on-demand.
Not that I paid that much attention. But I might have to in polishing my own DADT screenplay (“Epiphany”).

Shallow”, sung and played by Lady Gaga, with Bradley Cooper (“A Star Is Born” remake), is one of the most passionate songs ever.  It comes across as a tesseract of my own life.  And here is a nice anecdote of what was said between them.

Ford Fischer, one of the founders of News2Share and producer of the upcoming “Transhuman”, supplied some footage to “BlacKKKlansman  (the Charlottesville footage), which had many nominations. Spike Lee played bad sport on that film not winning.  Chris Cuomo mentioned the footage tonight on CNN (Monday, after Bernie Sander’s town hall) in discussing Trump’s indifference to Charlottesville, but didn’t give Ford credit.

As far as making a statement, it’s OK that “Green Book” won best picture.   It is a valid history re-enactment.  I don’t think a comics movie like “Black Panther” would have been made appropriate for best picture just because of the cast.  

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