Saturday, February 02, 2019

"How to Play 4D Chess" (Instructor loses both games)

Allen Pan and Sufficiently Advanced show us “How to Play 4D Chess

First, Allen shows us 3D chess, as 4 16-square boards stacked, which can be projected onto 3 dimensions. The moves of the pieces are derived algebraically.

Then 4D chess, on a tesseract (as from the movie “Interstellar” has a 256-square playing matrix as a projection of four 3-D stacks and again the same algebra (quaternion) defining the movies.
Allen loses with Black to Diana in 3D’s and then with White in 4D’s when he blunders a pawn to a knight. Petroff’s Defense doesn’t work quite the same way as what he was used to.

The term 4-D Chess has been applied to Trumpian politics.  You can check "Economic Invincibility" on "I'm Sick of 4-D Chess".  Note: chess piece team designation has nothing to do with race. 

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