Tuesday, February 05, 2019

"7 Things to Know About Making Short Films", from Friday 101 (on a Tuesday)

Okay, for some advice, “7 Things to Know About Making Short Films”, by Russell Haussenauer, from 2013, from his Friday 101 series, for Indy Mogul.

He names a couple of examples where directors got started with short films, like Martin Scorsese and shaving.

The maximum length for a short film is supposed to be 40 minutes, but keeping them under 15 minutes, or even under 10, offers a better chance of their getting into film festivals – and possibly hitting the Oscar circuit.
It’s often useful to make a short film that is later made into a feature, to get investor money. Jorge Ameer did this with “The House of Adam” (2006). I think this could work with “Bugcrush” (2006).  What really happened to Ben?  You might want to redo the opening with younger actors.

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