Monday, January 21, 2019

"We Believe: The Best Men Can Be": Gillette inserts itself into the debate on culture and values

We Believe: The Best Men Can Be  is a micro-film (less than 2 minutes) from Gillette.

The film addresses #MeToo, inappropriate pressure on women in the workplace, and fathering boys not to engage in bullying.  Toward the end, it refers to “the best a man can be” and today’s boys are tomorrow’s men.

It is still ironic that his comes from a company that makes shaving gear.  You can blow this up into talking about support sessions (for cancer treatment) called “Be Brave and Shave”.  And there is the idea "Be all you can be" (in the Army). 
The "CharismaMatrix" offers his critique of the film and notes that implies men shouldn't wear shorts in public. (What?  Long stockings with garters? Prudishness about the hair? or absence of it?)  He also makes up a mock "toxic femininity" commercial. 

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