Monday, January 07, 2019

"The Manchurian Candidate" (1962); when fiction comes true

The Manchurian Candidate”, based on Richard Condon’s book, has been filmed at least twice; but let’s focus on the 1962 black and white film by John Frankenheimer for United Artists.
If ends with the famous shootout scene at a convention by a previously hypnotized enlisted man Shaw (Lawrence Harvey), who gradually gets drawn into affecting the election by triggering events as programmed in Manchuria by the Soviets.

I remember a scene in a well known Connecticut Ave. apartment.

Marco (Frank Sinatra) is his CO, and Angela Lansbury is the evil Ms. Iselin, who wants to be vice president.

Guess who the Manchurian Candidate was in 2016.

Update: Jan. 11

Now see this story about the unmentionable president in the New York Times today, breaking news story about an FBI investigation into his being possibly set up by Russia.  David Hogg characterized this as the national security emergency. We need David Hogg's feature documentary now!

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