Sunday, January 27, 2019

"Schizophrenia Simulation": It isn't really multiple identities in the same body, at least not in this film

Here is a short film “Schizophrenia Simulation” from “That Rick 904”.

An attractive young man spends a day in a suburban home, experiencing odd visual perception and unwanted sounds and images from his subconscious (“voices”) which he cannot distinguish from reality.

A girlfriend arrives at the end looking for the package that he did accept.

The episode seems to present the idea that a schizophrenic may experience life the way one could experience a lucid dream.  You believe the dream while it unfolds, but you don’t know how you got into the situation in the dream. Yet you are the “same person” as in your waking life, but somehow you have migrated into a different, if temporary, reality.  In rare cases, there could be an intimate encounter with someone you “want”. A dream can simulate what something would be like (even a NDE, which is not pleasant).

The movie “Glass” (M. Night Shyamalan) presents a character played by James McAcoy with 23 personalities.  Is each personality a different person, a different colonel of consciousness?  In terms of the physics of consciousness, that could be a fascinating idea.  If each of the 23 personalities has a separate thread and does not know the other personalities or views them from the outside, this might be true.  But in the movie it seems as though McAvoy’s character is always are of all of the personalities, at least from the script.

Can someone really house someone else’s personality after that person’s passing at times in his body, maybe as dreams?  Sounds like a sci-fi idea.  I do explore it in “Angel’s Brother”.
Schizophrenia is not the same thing as schizoid personality.

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