Friday, January 04, 2019

"Resignation": short film, in which a young man (and tech geek) finds out the responsibilities of being an alien when the "rescue" craft approaches Earth

Resignation” is a short film by Mike Ozmun for Rebel Hound Studios.

David Schmidt plays Gene, a young single scientist in Austin, TX with a girl friend (Ariel Gilman) who may be dying (like of cancer). He leaves his rambler home in Austin and drives to Big Bend on a day that there is a sudden announcement that an asteroid will hit Earth within 24 hours. 

When he reaches the park he meets a friend, played by Ozmun, and then we learn that they are both aliens who will be picked up by the object and evacuated.  But David wants to take care of his girl friend.  The curious thing is that he is on Earth as a contractor, as an employee of an alien company and he can “resign”, like in a chess game.

The film won an award from the Philip K. Dyck film festival, and has been shown in various short film festivals.

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