Tuesday, January 01, 2019

"Duma": in South Africa, an orphaned cheetah practically raises a boy after father dies

Carol Ballard’s “Duma” (2005), for Warner Brothers, is another big cat film.

In South Africa, a rancher Peter (Campbell Scott) adopts an orphaned cheetah, who grows up to adulthood as a household pet bonded to the boy.  The cat, sometimes behaving like a dog, learns to operate the TV remote, and sits at the family dinner table.  Peter had determined to return the cat to the wild.

But Peter gets sick and dies, and the boy grows up depending on the cheetah as he gets bullied. Eventually Duma, the cheetah, has the urge to mate and recognized females.  He is both a wild animal and almost human at the same time.

I saw this film in 2005 at the Avalon in NW Washington.  It’s surprising it isn’t branded as Warner Independent Pictures.
By Tech. Sgt. Joe Zuccaro - https://www.dvidshub.net/image/147321, Public Domain, Link

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