Saturday, January 19, 2019

"After the Fall": a young woman survives a zombie apocalypse with a weapon and a diary, and slowly finds other "live ones"

Douglas Anderson Cinematic Arts and Diamond Acres Media present Matthew Manyak’s 2017 film “After the Fall
The girl (Brittany Paul) keeps a diary, and travels with an AR-15. She traverses a southern pine forest, in early winter, heading north (later we will learn she is near Jacksonville, FL) . She carries a weapon, and shoots cannibals.  Soon she finds another young woman (Brennau Schuman) but when the girl shows a flesh-eating bacteria wound, she asks to be shot. Brittany continues north and finds some men in town who are still alive.  Maybe she’ll be pregnant and civilization can start over.

The film uses sepia colors, and it is often hard to tell if this is a northern or southern landscape.

Picture: Disney Epcot, 2015

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