Monday, December 31, 2018

"Versatil": award winning gay short film from Spain about white-hot young manhood

Carlos Ocho has posted his “Cortometraje” (“gay short film”) “Versatil” (“Versatile”).

In Barcelona (apparently) two strong young cis-gay males work through their initial passion into starting a relartionship, but have to work through their physical expectations first.  The couple is played by Eudald Font and Christian Escudero.
Because the film is more explicit than usual, I decided not to embed it.  Here is the link.  It would be likely to be rated "R".  
The film runs fourteen minutes.  It strikes me that a film like this could do well if it took more time to build tension among the two lovers, but then it woudn’t be a short film.

The film won awards at the Barcelona Film Festival and many LGBT festivals (esp. Chicago).

I’ll embed something PG-13, “Perks of Being a Gay Couple” (2 minutes, Buzz Feed Video).  Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell makes a cameo.

Wikipedia attribution link for Barcelona picture, by Amadalvarez, under CCSA 3.0.  Reminder, it the European Union’s plans for Articles 11 and 13 go through in 2019, creative commons licenses for many European sources could disappear.  

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