Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"The Choice": animated film show how a young adult male executive can stay thin, or get fat

“Project Better Self” offers this animated short microfilm, “The Choice”.

A young junior exec who works in “good clothes” makes his little choices about snacks, naps, walking, driving.  His workplace doesn’t have Varidesk yet.

I’m reminded of those Macy’s store ads of men with “slim” and “very slim” waists.  This guy remains slim with only one future.

I have to say, in gay bars, for men,  tall and thin is definitely in, whatever the openness to fluidity. A cat would jump onto the shoulders of the tallest guy on the dance floor to watch the action of everybody. That would make another idea for a short film.
Maybe the hapless guy in this short film has never read Stephen King’s “Thinner”.

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