Saturday, December 22, 2018

"Sports!": gay workup basketball

Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell (writer), Cody Callahan, and Zach Graves appear in Kyle Krieger’s short film “Sports!"

Eduardo introduced to two cis men and to take pot luck on whether they are gay when practicing hoops (basketball). They take turns acting cis and then not so much, even in the way they take shots. 
Remember how those phys ed teachers (even Cam in Modern) made you memorize that Naismith invented basketball?   
Perhaps there is a tad of humor about left-wing political correctness, that has invaded Internet platforms. 
I’d like to see one about baseball. 

The film quality is a little overexposed and lacking in definition sometimes.  Why does Eudardo wear tights?

Let’s see some serious stuff on climate change.

(first) Picture: Fort Lauderdale Beach, my visit, Nov. 2017;  (second) picture: basketball court in Washington DC, Adams Morgan

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