Tuesday, December 18, 2018

"Oblivion": post apocalyptic short film by Jason Beckett, seems to show what could happen after multiple E1-level EMP blasts

The 29-minute short film “Oblivion”, by Jason Beckett, gives you a clue with the simple subtitle “A Post-Apocalyptic Short Film”.

Jason plays his own lead character, Theo Finnis, an attractive college student on what looks like a Canadian campus.

In the opening scene, he walks into a student cafeteria, in a scene that reminds me of a little incident in Marvin Hall at GWU (in DC) back in October 2010 that has some significance to me. After he sits down, however, there is a blast, and a ball of light, like a thermonuclear blast.

Then three years and two months later, in the winter, he gets up in his little dorm room and begins is adventure for the day.  Power is on, but electronics are fried.  (That sounds like an E1 EMP result from a fission nuclear blast, but not E3, which is from fusion thermonuclear.)

He records a daily dairy on his cell phone, which does not connect to anything, should he be found.
He plays a little jazz on a piano, and then he encounters three more people (Hannah Morse, Adam Ladd, Ethan Blake) who engage in a local fight (maybe an eye-gouging) for survival. 

The filmmaker has his own YouTube channel and Instagram, which I’ll look at.

(See my “cf” blog – navigate through Blogger profile – to see Dec 16 film “EMP”, electromagnetic pulse).
Picture: Lodge near Lake Tahoe, CA, from my trip in September 2018.  Second picture: student building, at GWU in Washington DC (where I graduated 1966). 

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