Monday, December 24, 2018

"Marooned", excerpted in "Roma", was followed by better films about being lost in space

Since the film “Roma” offered an excerpt (albeit in black and white) from the 1969 film “Marooned” by John Sturges, for Columbia Pictures, I thought I would dig it out.  I barely recall seeing it while “home” on a weekend when in the Army.

It’s based on a novel by Martin Caidin.  Three astronauts (Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna and David Janssen) get stranded in space when their engines won’t fire.  Bad weather compromises NASA’s rescue plans.

Moreover, the idea that one astronaut needs to be sacrificed to save the other two comes up, and Crenna’s character dies.
We’ve seen better films since then, like “Apollo 13” (1995, based on the 1970 mission) and more recently, “Gravity”.

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