Wednesday, December 26, 2018

"James Damore at Portland State": left-wing protesters challenge math and statistics as "inconvenient truth"

I’ll call this a “movie”: That is, “James Damore at Portland State”.

The remarks by James and others at 15:30 and then earlier at 13:00 he mentions violent threats from coworkers.

This is just incredible.  Participant Media should make this into a dramatized movie (but Participant isn’t “conservative” enough, maybe).

Damore (text of his memo) seems only to have criticized quotas by gender.  True, statistically, there are differences by gender.  Then they talk about the difference between “binary” and “bimodal”.

Then they distinguish between “stereotyping” and “talking about population distributions”.

Protesters get up and leaver when a panelist says women gestate and lactate.  Then out in the lobby protesters call the panelists fascists.  I thought this was a staged movie!

But protestors haven’t been taught the relevant statistical concepts and what you use statistics for. They can see only the end headcounts (at about 20:40).

"Inclusion" is presented as a trojan horse term.

Google's idea of diversity wasn't big enough that could not take issue with itself (at 45:00) -- it could not function as meta-speech.

Arstechnica has a good summary of the whole incident and of Dampore's litigation.

There is an important question at 57:00 about how diversity works in Scandanavia, where it seems females are superior in everything maybe.

At 1:02 a "comrade" refuses to identify herself because of the possibility of being "doxed" and she claims her people are being shut down. 
An interesting byline is that big league sports don’t actually make gender a requirement to play.  It’s just that normally only men can play most of them.  But I would be that eventually there will be transgender players in Major League baseball, especially relief pitchers.

Wikipedia attribution link for P.D. photo of PSU by pe2moji

There is also an extract short film by Mike Nayna, "James Damore, Helen Pluckrose, and the Second Culture." 

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