Sunday, December 30, 2018

"Hollywood Is Now Targeting Black Men": Economic Invincibility talks about equal opportunity emasculation in big studio romantic comedies and heist films

“Economic Invincibility” does a quick rundown of movies where beta males act like cuckolds, now “Hollywood Is Now Targeting Black Men”.

He focuses on romantic comedies with weak men who given in to the demands that women spend money on them, to get, well, you know what.

He discusses “Rumor Has It” and then “Made in Brooklyn”.

He then notices that Hollywood is putting black makes into the same situation in order to remain politically correct. The tone of his remark suggests he is fine with African American men being well portrayed when circumstances justify it.
He talks particularly about “Hitch” and “Game Change”. But he notes that the roles for black men in TV in the past were hideous (“Amos “n’ Andy”).

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