Wednesday, December 05, 2018

"Foodfellas": short film from USC Film School, where the mob takes over the fast food business

Foodfellas”, a satire short film by Reuben Guberek , from Film School Shorts (USC), 13 min, is inspired by “Goodfellas”.
A young man makes a deal with a clown figure in the mob to dominate the fast food business. Pretty soon he has to endure the consumer lawsuits for Type 2 diabetes. And then he hunts down his boss. 
The shootout at the end is both terminal and funny. 
I wouldn't want to own a franchise bad enough that it would be a mob target.  And chicken nuggets don't look like bitcoins to me. 
The guy in “Pretty Privilege” (Oct 23) is credited here. 

Picture: My trip, Sept. 2018, near San Francisco Civic Center. 

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