Saturday, December 01, 2018

CNN Films: "Remembering George H. W. Bush"

Saturday night, December 1, CNN Films is airing “Remembering George H. W. Bush” (link ).
This may be the quickest feature film every assembled.  Bush died late Friday November 30 after many bouts with pneumonia.  His wife Barbara had passed away in April 2018.

Of course, what I remember best is how the world changed with the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf War. It would help set up the political climate in which Bill Clinton could propose lifting the ban on gays in the military.  I even remember Gen. Schwarzkopf’s radio briefings as I drove to work early in 1991.

And Bush was president when the Berlin Wall fell, and when the Soviet Union collapsed suddenly at the end of 1991.

Here is a story on GHWBush’s last words. 

His mother said, when you win, don't gloat.  Talk about the team, not yourself. 

The funeral will be at the Washington Cathedral on Wednesday December 5, 2018.
I remember when Barbara spoke about family values in the GOP convention in 1992.  She said “You don’t have to be married, but if you have children, they have to be the number one priority in your life.” 

His "Thousand Points of Light" is said to be the largest volunteer organization in the world.  I can't say I volunteer for people's everyday needs.  I hasn't been very personal recently. 

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