Saturday, November 24, 2018

"What Is Reality?" from Quantum Gravity Research and Emergence Theory

What Is Reality?” from Quantum Gravity Research (and Emergence Theory) in Los Angeles.  Marion Kerr hosts, David Jakubovic directs, from Mad Machine Films. 

The universe is imagined in terms of “crystals” and projections of quasi-crystals from 8 dimensions to 4 and then to 3.

Space-time is organized into pixels of tetrahedrons.  Consciousness makes the choice of the state of any pixel which affects other pixels (karma).

Reality is information.

Consciousness is necessary.

“All time exists all the time.”  And “Richard Harmon is the greatest of all time” (as per Timo Descamps after that famous sprint race.)  “Of all time”.  Timo says it twice.  In fact, “Judas Kiss” (June 4, 2011), as I remember, had some abstract physics and causal time-loops built into the plot.
Our universe may be a simulation in another quantum computer – “The Matrix”. 

To solve jigsaw puzzles, you start with "ends and corners". 

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