Thursday, November 15, 2018

"Ant Head": new set-piece horror short film by David Lynch

So there is a lot of buzz about a new short film in black and white from David Lynch, called “Ant Head”.

At 13 minutes, the film comprises a head of cheese with ants swarming on it. At about 8 minutes, the film goes negative, and a voice starts describing the mayhem inflicted by the ants, including flaying a man. The film goes into the head at the end.

The only characters – living souls, as my dad would have said – are ants.

The background of the still shot has catenary power wires above a commuter railroad. 

The film was posted by Sacred Bones Records and features a hyper percussive music score by Thought Gang, with “Frank 2000” and “Woodcutters” from Fiery Ships.  Angelo Badalamenti collaborated.
There is a writeup online by Andrew Todd.

 Of course, the title reminds one of "Eraser Head" (1979).  In heaven, everything is fine. Remember the Lady in the Radiator? 

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