Thursday, November 22, 2018

"Alpha Males": among humans, not the same as among lions and wolves

Contra Points (Patreon) offers the funny satire documentary “Alpha Males” (13 minutes).

A slender man (literally) and very smooth, presents the argument, referring to the Golden One, Nordic of course.

The video then paraphrases “alpha male” ideology, as something that arises with frustrated men low on social hierarchies. It builds up the “rationalized” thought patterns that eventually subsume white supremacy and Neo-Nazism, and shows how under certain political situations it become very dangerous if too many men really believe it.
The video uses the music of Mendelssohn (Fingal’s Cave) and Rossini and quotes Shakespeare, and looks slick with the occasional animation (including BW photos of Auschwitz). The video also explains who anti-Semitism is connected to anti-elitism. The video sometimes does use graphic language, in satirical mode.

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