Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Some short films on "activists" by Ford Fischer (and an important documentary project)

I have presented and countered (with others criticism) Ford Fischer’s work for “News2Share” which he and Trey Yingst help start at American University in Washington DC a few years ago, on my “fr” blog (see Blogger profile, “Films on major threats to freedom”).

But I thought I would share is YouTube short from Providence, RI Saturday (during the same time as the Kavanaugh vote). Official name: “Clashes as ‘Providence Freedom Rally’ Clashes with Antifa”.

It’s all very combative. Someone threw urine in Ford Fischer’s face, and he says he almost vomited. 

 This little incident went around the Internet all day Saturday.

Fischer says some of the people in the crowd are “libertarians” who don’t grasp what they are getting themselves into.

Police got spray-painted in white by Antifa.
Fischer recently tweeted that he accidentally appeared in “The First Purge” (horror film, Universal, 2018), here.  But I have a cameo in “Major League 3” (sports comedy, Warner Brothers, 1997).
Providence (actually West Warwick) is the home of deceased documentary filmmaker Gode Davis (died, 2010).  His brother is trying to complete “American Lynching” with the help of PBS and I’ve had discussions with him about it (I have a small amount of footage). Gode was active in reporting the fatal West Warwick disco fire in 2003. 
Ford Fischer is also working on a documentary called “Transhuman”, Indiegogo site here.  Apparently this film will take up the issue of FOSTA (story). 

Picture: near Newport, RI, from my 2015 trip to visit Gode's brother, Greg.  

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