Tuesday, October 23, 2018

"Pretty Privilege?": What if you have the perfect body at age 21 to be noticed on your first night out? I sure didn't.

In “Pretty Privilege?”, a cis-male with a perfect bod explains what it is like to another guy (filmmaker Michael Henry) who is not so perfect.  He is like Macho Man from the Village People.  But the future ride may be all downhill from this point in space-time.

Some how this reminds me of Umair Haque’s criticism of capitalism, based on the idea that some people believe they are just “born better” than others. 
It would have been nice to be able to go into a bar at 21 with a perfect body. Had someone done so in 1981 or so, he might not be around today.

Update: Oct. 29, 2018

A match?  From Miami book fair, November, 2017?  (I went there, where my books were being promoted). A totally random coincidence.

The subject of the film is Eduardo Sanche-Ubanell who in on imdb and has made short films (one of them about the Everglades).  Maybe a future focus on reversing climate change?  Let us hope so. (See below.)

Update: Nov. 15

Michael Henry has other little ditties, like "Wow, You Have a Beard".  Avoir, to have, is what make you valuable?  Here, it seems that chest hair is an optional extension of the beard -- except that not everybody can have it.

Dec. 5

In reviewing a different (only distantly relevant) film, I happened to look at his imdb again, and don't see mention of Everglades now, but instead this filmography, which is interesting in its own way. (See that day.)

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