Wednesday, October 31, 2018

"Misinfo Nation": short film from Mozilla, ought to be in the festivals

Misinfo Nation: Misinformation, Democracy, and the Internet” from Mozilla as a complimentary short film.

The piece takes the position that the barrage of false information in social media may not have as destructive a political effect as has been feared.  People who receive it are already in their echo chambers and have already decided on which candidates to support (such as Donald Trump in the 2016 election).  So the piece seems design to counter the view that social media threw the 2016 election to Trump.

The film defends individualized speech, and may be designed to counter the political pressure on platforms which is increasing and could lead to much less speech by individuals (even like me) than what we have come to take for granted in the past two decades.

The film doesn’t cover the radicalization cycle (say the way Brian Stelter keeps explaining it on CNN) as much as it might have tried to do.

This is an important short film.  Maybe it should be in a festival (like Tribeca next spring).

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