Wednesday, September 19, 2018

"Waltz Across Texas": mental perambulations as I fly across the Lone Star State

Having flown across the Texas Panhandle yesterday from DFW on the way to San Francisco, I thought I would recall the 1982 indie film “Waltz Across Texas” which I saw in Dallas when I was living here (in the old AMC Northtown, I think, or maybe Northpark 3-4).

Ernest Day directs a film in which an eastern geologist (Terry Jastrow) falls in love with a Texas “wildcatter” (Anne Archer). 
The film was a little "Giant". 

This film was unusual in that real life people starred in a quasi-true story.

The film came from Atlantic Releasing and Aster.

The second picture above is supposed to be Palo Duro Canyon, the escarpment int the Panhandle, but the pic didn't turn out well. 

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