Thursday, September 13, 2018

"Poland Is Pushing the EU into Crisis": short from Vox

Sam Ellis and Liz Sheltens narrate the short “Poland Is Pushing the EU into Crisis” for Vox.

The PiS party, originally part of Solidarity, has turned to the right and stripped the judiciary of its independence. But the EU will have trouble keeping Poland out because Hungary will veto an expulsion. The film shows recent white supremacy demonstrations in the country, motivated by the migrant crisis.  

I visited Poland in 1999, taking a train from Berlin to Cracow, visiting Auschwitz-Berkinau, and then taking a train to Warsaw for one night.

The New York Times has a Sept. 12 article by Steven Erlinger and Patrick Kingsley on Orban and Hungary today here.

And the Atlantic has a big article by Anne Applebaum: "A Warning from Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come" in the October 2018 issue. 
The film seems ironic given the recent vote in the EU on the Copyright Directive.

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