Wednesday, September 26, 2018

"Life in Nazi Germany": animated documentary short from "Armchair Historian"

Life in Nazi Germany: Part 1: Animated History” by the Armchair Historian, Brit Johnson, sponsored by Brilliant.

The film depicts everyday life for civilian Gentiles in Germany in the 1930s with animation. Johnson points out that at first Gentile men did not notice much change in their daily lives, but women were strongly prodded to produce more children.

Later young adults were required to spend six months of social manual labor before men were conscripted.  The Nazi’s tried to unify all “Christian “ churches and handed out radios for all German families, and finally tried to give away “people’s cars”.  This really was “socialism” for the “preferred people”.
 I think a film like this gives us reason to ponder today's alt-right and its aims for collectivism to benefit on those "born better", as Umair Haque has written on Eudomedia on Medium. 

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