Monday, September 03, 2018

"Inside a Communist Building"

Inside a Communist Building”, by “Vee” (17 min, 2018).

In post-Communist Romania, a building contractor examines an abandoned high-rise apartment building before renovation.

The building was constructed in 1977 and had very poor maintenance, and very small studio aparments for families.  Typically the government would tell a family where to live based on the husband’s job (assigned by the government) and “give” the family a “home”. 

There is no air conditioning and the summer temperature is often over 85 degrees.  The smell is bad because of deteriorating plumbing. The walls are thin so that people could hear their neighbors talking if they talked about politics.  I remember my own father saying that this was what life under Communism would be like.
By Not credited - Romanian National History Museum -, Attribution, Link

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