Friday, September 14, 2018

"How Technicolor Changed Movies", shorts

Vox, in an 11-minute short narrated by Phil Edwards, explains “How Technicolor Changed Movies”.

No, the Technicolor process started before “The Wizard of Oz” (1925, or 1939) and its transition scene.
The short explains the three plate process of relative black and white corresponding to the three added pigments (cyan, yellow, magenta).  Cyan wasn’t added until the late 1930s.

Later processes, like Eastmoncolor, needed only one plate.  It would be a good question how Fox’s Color by DeLuxe worked.

Vatalie Kalmus became the major executive.

Hollywood was capable of homophobia in the early days.  I remember hearing about a “purge” at Technicolor in 1965.

Vox also offers as a supplement a 4-minute short by Estelle Casavelli, “Color Film Was Built for White People. Here’s What It Did to Dark Skin”, link.

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