Sunday, August 12, 2018

"Why Americans (are bad at) Soccer (Well, the Men)", by Vox

Why Americans Suck at Soccer (Well, the Men)” is an entertaining 7-minute Vox Video by Phil Edwards and Mona Lalwani.

Women’s soccer does well in the USA.  The obvious reason could be competition with American football, which is a more complicated game in some ways (more chess like). But the real reason was that political infighting in the 1920s, followed by depression and war, caused American soccer to fall through the cracks.

American pro sports feature more stoppages, more ways to score, higher scores, and perhaps more entertaining physics.  In baseball you have the fact that home teams can design their own outfield dimensions, within limits.

I’ve always thought pro football should have a way to score one point (besides a conversion). Maybe a touchback (where a ball is actually downed in an end zone) after a punk or kickoff should be allowed.

High school physics and math teachers could make up amusing exam problems based on the physics of sports.  How fast does the teen Clark Kent have to run to catch his own forward pass?
But I’ll bear this video in mind if I visit Audi soccer field in Washington soon.  I’d like a new Town DC around there.

Picture: DC United Game at RFK, 2014 

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