Thursday, August 09, 2018

"Spending a Day on Earth 1 Billion Years in the Future": it looks like Venus today

Dreksler Astral gives us a sobering look at our non-future with the short “Spending a Day on Earth 1 Billion Years in the Future”.

The temperature is risen to 70-100 degrees Centigrade and the oceans have evaporated.  All life has stopped and the surface of the Earth may resemble Venus.

It’s a good question how long civilization lasted or whether it escaped (although very selectively) to Mars or even other solar systems.

All remnants of man would be buried by feet of dust and rocks.

The obvious question is, did this come from global warming?  Well, it is climate change, but from eventual natural processes that man cannot stop. The day is now 28 hours as the Earth’s rotation slows. The Sun has gotten hotter. The Moon is farther away.  The Earth’s tectonic plates have stopped moving. Some of these predictions I have never heard of.

So ultimately global warming cannot be stopped, as the Sun changes.

But we do have thousands, maybe millions of years, before these kinds of changes would happen. 

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