Monday, August 06, 2018

MoviePass "rations" consumers to three movies a month

Since I review a lot of movies (and books) on my blogs, people have even approached me about MoviePass.
But because of cash problems, MoviePass announced today that starting Aug. 15, the pass would allow (only) three movies per month (typical story )
I generally a wide variety of indie films, including some on Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo, especially private screeners.  I don’t go to all the major studio comedies and high profile films so I don’t know if the pass would have done me good. It did seem a lot of theater chains joined. 

Getting people into theaters is an issue.  Many shows that I go to have only two or three other people in the auditorium (sometimes it's me alone). I wonder how some of them stay open.  Many have limited their hours on school nights.

One problem -- many small films show in only one theater in an area.  Often in this area that is inside the District of Columbia or Maryland, but not Virginia. 

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