Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"Inside Hong Kong's Cage Homes": indeed part of the People's Republic of Statist Capitalism

Johnny Harris shows us on Vox, “Inside Hong Kong’s Cage Homes.”

As on the rest of China, all the land is own by the government (except for one Anglican church. The government auctions lots to builders at high prices so it doesn’t have to charge other taxes and can pretend to be a free market haven for business.  (Singapore is a bit like this, and so is mainland China now.)  About 75% of the land in Hong Kong is not developed -- by deliberately restrictive zoning. 
People sometimes live in spaces as small as 75-120 square feet (families a little larger) and share kitchens and bathrooms, much as in dorm living.
By NASA - NASA World Wind Software, Public Domain, Link.

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