Wednesday, August 08, 2018

HBO short film shows the life of an "Incel"

HBO Now and Vice News have a six minute short film:

This Is What the Life of an Incel Looks Like The slang for “Incel” means “involuntarily celibate”.

A young man of 23 lives alone in a room, doesn’t work, smokes a lot, and doesn’t leave his chat room.

He describes “involuntarily celibate” men as normally “meek”.  He also defines a couple of other related terms.  The film mentions Elliot Rodger and his 2014 rampage in California, and displays his “manifesto”.
Some incel chatrooms have been banned on major sites and moved to places like 4chan. There is a belief that the most attractive or aggressive men monopolize the opportunities for other men to find women.  I can remember that issue coming up in my own “therapy” at NIH in 1962, which I’ve written about on other postings.  Ironically the young (white) man in the film would be viewed by conventional society as “attractive”.  I would wonder about any connection to "schizoid personality". 

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