Friday, August 03, 2018

"Grotto": a college student returns to his straight friends at a "spin the bottle" pool party (short)

Grotto” (7 minutes) is a micro-short film by Dave Scala.

Marco (Ben Getz), now 20, returns home after his first year of college (that means he started a year late). With some supposedly straight friends by the pool, he plays spin the bottle.  The friends think he can’t swim, because he didn’t as a boy. But the game pairs him with a 24 year old swimmer Ben (Adam Jepsen). After they dunk together (as a thunderstorm starts), Ben brings him “out”.

This short has been in several gay festivals, including Palm Springs, Boston, and Long Island.

Today I also re-visited “Prora” (May 20, 2015 here), which I was surprised I hadn’t recalled more. It’s re-posted now as of 2018 by the director on YouTube. There is a "making-of" video by director Stephane Riethauser that is almost as long as the original film. 

The film reminds me, curiously, of a short story I wrote in tenth grade English (1958) about a swimming pool lifeguard when faced to respond to a drowning an a nearby explosion at the same time.  I got a B on the story. 

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